System Integration


AV System Integration

The provision of a basket of services for Auditoriums such as audio-visual systems, stage lighting, stage rigging, building control systems, communication systems and information technology systems. A proper understanding of the various disciplines involved is the key to successfully integrating the diverse component parts. The final solution must perform as one unit with a high degree of simplicity to the end-user. The result will be a solution that, while extremely complex, appears simple, logical and easy to use. Sri Comm has successfully designed, installed and commissioned several projects of this nature.

ELV System

Sri Comm Systems scope Includes The supply and installation of the Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems such As CCTV, Public Address System, Telephone Data Services, Fireman Intercom, Card Access, SMATV & Home Automation system.

ELV Systems represent a wide range of services in a building that is able to be integrated with the building management system for new or existing buildings. Sri Comm Systems is able to undertake complete system implementation including Engineering Design, Programming, Quality Control Testing, Maintenance and Installation of the ELV Systems.

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