Telecommunication Networks


Telephone Exchange Switching Systems

Switching systems are the nerve centre of any telecommunications network, providing interconnectivity for the various users of the network. Sri Comm has been very active in this core component, installing over 40 telephone exchanges throughout the country since 1975. Various types of exchanges including electromechanical, ESK and stored programme or computerized exchanges have been installed over the years. In total some 400,000 subscribers have benefited from these projects. More recently, systems incorporating technologies involving DDN, AN and FMK systems have also been implemented.

Outside Plant Networks

In 1977 Sri Comm started its involvement in Outside Plant works. Initially these were simple installation of Exchange-side and Distribution-side cable networks. By 1983 the expertise of the company had risen to the ability to organize comprehensive Tum-key projects on a wide scale. This involved planning, design, logistics and installation of the entire Outside Plant network for Perak, Penang, Kedah, Perlis and Sabah. As a result of our endeavours, over 500,000 telephone lines have been added to the Malaysian telecommunication network Currently this remains the main-stay of Sri Comm’s activities and we have expanded our capability to the extent that we have successfully contributed to similar expansions overseas. Sri Comm has also upgraded the skill-base of its workforce to be able to handle optic fibre technology . As a result, Sri Comm has established itself as a leading installer of fibre optic cables.

Broadband Engineering Services

The Telecommunication industry is highly capital intensive and often requires a long period before there is a significant return of investment. Technology that extends the useful life of existing equipment while enabling the Telco to incorporate the latest technological developments it therefore very useful and welcome. Sri Comm has been involved in the installation of broadband solutions and equipment like HDSL and G.HSDL, using cable technology to meet the demand for bandwidth without causing a major impact on existing infrastructure.

Fibre Optic Installations

The traditional use of metal conductors for the transmission of signals is rapidly giving way to the use of optic fibres for the task. The benefits of this technology include good signal integrity over Iong distances and excellent economies of scale. Sri Comm is one of the leading installers of Fibre Optic cables in Malaysia. This technology has a huge growth potential and the Company is poised very strategically to meet the needs of the Industry in design, Planning and implementation for project of this nature, both locally and internationally.

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